Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Coming Soon...

Strength! Wisdom! Justice!

Following his recent novel 'Reunions & Destinies' JT is now starting the ultimate climax called 


Four Kings

A young king reclaims his lost throne, with the aid of three life-long companions, One of whom is not who he seems to be. Soon afterward, he finds himself called to regain something more meaningful than royalty.  Meanwhile, a dark emperor has risen on the king’s borders, seeking to subdue all those free from his rule. Separated, the three friends must fight for their lives against great odds. In another land, an even greater price is paid. All those who would stand against tyranny must unite if they are to defeat their foes. But even then, the price has not been paid in full. What is the price of a throne? Will good or evil reign over Corrbrangairia for all time? If you wish to know, you must ride with the four kings!

A New Weekly Serial Coming To JT’s Tales July First, 2011

So, please go over to JT's Tales for more info and, soon, discover what is the true tale of The Four Kings....

May your Sword Stay Sharp,

Friday, June 24, 2011

The Hobbit Pictures

Three months in filming and we finally have some pictures of what The Hobbit is going to look like!

                                         Bilbo Baggins looking somewhat puzzled over some parchment of some-sorts and  the dwarves looking at with whom I assume is Thorin Oakenshield watching extra him carefully.
                                           And Gandalf!! Probably my favourite Middle-Earth character, enjoying some good Shire pipeweed with a dreamy, thoughtful look in his eyes.......          

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I Would Like You To Meet Someone................

And that someone is...... My brother.
Yes, my brother.
My new baby brother by the name of Trahaearn Archer Wulfran 'Surnamename'.

Born at 3:03PM, May 23rd, the day after my sister Moran's Birthday. (Cool huh?)

At 8lb 2oz he is one big little baby brother and an even bigger smile that could make you want to just hold him forever. Speaking of holding, it is quite a test of patience when you go to visit Mum and Trahaearn for the first time in hospital and due to you being the 5th oldest out of 12 children and youngest go first thus making you 7th in line to hold your new bay brother. But anyhow somehow I finally got my go of holding him and it was worth the wait. The feeling of pride and love when holding your 7th younger sibling is one that is not able to be put in words.

So now there are 12 kids in our family, 6 girls, 6 boys and the coolest, funest, bestest brothers and sisters on earth. Well, you might not call us all kids as Autumn turns 18 in July, Braedon is 20 and Kynans nearly 22, still, when we are all old and in wheelchairs and such we'll still refer to all of us as 'us kids'.
May your Sword Stay Sharp,