Friday, June 25, 2010

Kingdom of Heaven

I watched Kingdom of Heaven the night before last for the first time with Dad, Mum and Autumn. It was AWESOME!!!

Oh yeah, this is my kind of movie: Cool swords,

shiny armour,
chivalrous knights

lots of fighting

and huge scale battles

Thank you Dad, Mum and Autumn for spending the time to watch this with me.

Take a wild guess who my favorite charactore was.
Balian of Ibelin

May your Sword Stay Sharp,


Unknown said...

I reeeeeeeeaaaaaly want to see it, but their are all those church bashing scenes. If you want another movie like that, watch Braveheart! It has alot of scenes that need to be skipped but it's a great movie.

P.S. I like Balian too!

~The Scarlet Pimpernel

Saxon said...

You've seen Braveheart!?! I'd love to see it!! Espeicially seeing as its got William Wallace in it. Also, I we had to skip a scene or two because Mum said they were "dodgy" but at least they were not importante bits.


Gae said...

Dear Saxon,
I am so glad you enjoyed this film. My favourite is Balian too. I think he is an admirable character too
As for the church bashing your friend mentioned, I think we just need to be mindful that it isn't an accurate historical film and that some things in the Church weren't as pure as we would like them to be.
I love William Wallace as you know, well you are named after him too so yes, it is a great movie but as your friend says lots of scenes to be skipped.
You will have to wait yet.
Lots of love mummy

Unknown said...

what I really want to do is take the copy we have of braveheart, put it on my editing program, and edit out the skipable scenes.


Saxon said...

Hey, Good idea!!

Anonymous said...


from Indonesia...