Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My life thus far

I suppose your wondering why I haven't posted in over 2 weeks. Well its been kind of hectic for a while, almost every second day SOMEONE has to have a dentist, doctor or some other appointment of some sort.
Well, Toy Story 3 was GREAT!! I'm not going to tell you anything about it or else when you see it (if you haven't you must) you wont be surprised. I will tell you I found Buzz in Spanish mode really funny.
I never have liked winter. In all the movies winter means snow and snowball fights and stuff like that, but not in where I live, all it means is cold damp days that are cloudy and cold but no snow. The only good thing is we can have the fires on, but even that has a downside: SOMEONE has to chop all the wood for all 4 fires. So on the Thursday before last (the 1st of July) I had had enough of continually chopping 2-4 loads of wood per day and then watching it disappear within 24 hours, so I spent the WHOLE day chopping while singing very, very loud 30 Seconds to Mars' "This is War"and ended up with 17 wheelbarrow loads.
A few days ago Mum had this great idea of moving all the stuff from the library room to the play room and the play room stuff to the library room. So we had to carry heaps of books all the way down to the former play room, Dad would load us up with a pile of books and then you would walk all the way to the play room where Mum and Autumn would put them in the correct place. Then Kynan or Braedon suggested that whenever Dad gave us books or when we gave them to Mum we would say "beep beep" like the roadrunner from Bugs Bunny. It really got on Dad's and Autumn's nerves. At about 10:00 I went to bed and the next morning found out the others stayed up till 3:00 moving books!!!!
Well I've got ta go do some Conformation reading (I'm getting Confirmed in 11 days)
May your Sword Stay Sharp,


Unknown said...

I hate winter. Bleh! Snow!I hate snow! hahaha!

~The Scarlet...

Saxon said...

hahahaha!!! No, seriously (i cant believe im telling you this) IN ALL MY LIFE I HAVE NEVER EVER PLAYED IN SNOW!!

Gae said...

Dear Saxon,
Just think of the fitness and muscle building you get from chopping wood.
When it snows up on Cradle Mountain we will go and play in the snow.
I really love the Library room and I hope you will spend lots of time in there.
IT was great going to Toy Story 3 with you. It is these memories that I love and treasure.
Thank you for being a great son
Lots of love

Jessica said...

Aww I don't like winter much either... I like snow only for skiing... otherwise it makes walking hard, slow, wet, and sometimes dangerous! xD

My cousin wanted to see Toy Story 3, maybe I'll go see it wit her...

You are tagged on my blog:

~ Jessica

Vellvin said...

I've awarded you:

Anonymous said...

I LOVE winter. Sorry for not agreeing.