Wednesday, May 4, 2011

May the 4th be with you............

Yes, today is Official Star Wars Day!

The day when all is about Star Wars, The epic space film series that is famous for its
                                                                droids,  aliens,

                                                               Jedi Knights,
                                                               Video games,
                                                      memorable characters,
                                             lights-speed that never works,Comics, 
                                                    stormtroopers,its epic musical score,
                                                            and its evil villains.

When Star Wars: A New Hope was first released in cinema's across the world on May 25, 1977 no one ever suspected that it would be the first in a highly successful franchise that would boast 2 sequels, 3 prequels, numerous TV shows, actions figures, video games, and become the 3rd most successful film series ever!

 And who knows what announcement will be made in a few hours when "All will be revealed"
I just hope its something more interesting the blue ray releases...........

May the force be with you,


Legolas said...

Hi Saxon

If Star Wars is the third best movie ever made, what movie's gets first and second?

My guess is first place goes to LOTR


Saxon said...

Hi Legolas,

What I meant was in how much money each film series has made, Star Wars is in 3rd place of film series in how much profit they have made. It falls behind The Bond series (2nd)and The Harry Potter franchise (1st).

In favourites Star Wars would possibly come in first place but I can't make up my mind between Star Wars, LOTR, Pirates of the Caribbean,and The Chronicles of Narnia

Daniel said...

may the force be with you to saxon daniel loyd

Daniel said...

hey saxon are you going to see stranger tides i am

Saxon said...

Yes!!! Of course I'm going to see Pirates of the Caribbean 4!!
It loos great!!

P.S. I will send you your letter soon my fellow penpall