Thursday, October 28, 2010

 Well its been kinda boring for the last  4 days, on Friday afternoon Kynan, Braedon, Autumn, and Eden left on The Spirit of Tasmania for a 12 day holiday/trek interstate.
Until 10 mins before they left it was absolute packing, confusion, and chaos. Just kidding, no chaos, only a tiny bit of confusion but a MOUNTAIN of packing.
Its a big change having me as the oldest child here. All my life I've had the 4 of them to give advice and encouragement, but now its my turn....... at least for 12 days.
So if your reeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaly bored, missing siblings and just can't think of anything to do what is a better pastime then to watch 

Star Wars is soooooooooooo awesome. This time we're watching them in order and us kids managed to persuade Dad and Mum to watch the new trilogy with us. They both prefer the original, while  us kids like the new one better.
Yesterday we finished  Revenge of the Sith (it took a while longer then it should because the littler kids wanted to know "Why is was Pamae dead." or "Why is Anakin a bad guy") and are planing to  watch A new hope today.

Its still kind of hard to get that two men- like brothers to each others at the start- eventually try to kill each other and that Anakin can be so evil.

My rating for the two Star Wars trilogy's is: 95% awesome and 5% not so awesome.
The 5% bad is because watching Star Wars may make you go blind due to overexposure to 'Pure Awesomness' :D

Below is a deleted scene from Revenge of the Sith, this scene happens right after Obi-wan and Anakin crash-land on The invisible Hand, General Grievous's flagship, at the start of the movie.

Watch with full screen

Don't ya like the sign language?

May your Sword Stay Sharp,

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