Thursday, March 3, 2011

I hate Autumn (fall)  (Don't think I'm talking about my sister Autumn cause I'm not) Autumn means it gets colder, it gets wetter, it gets windier, it- I'm sure I could think of many other reasons but I cant be bothered.
What ever, I'd rather just have Summer and Spring all year round!!!
You people up in the North are probably quite happy with your Spring. Grrrrrr!!!
Anyway gotta stop complaining and go do schoolwork...... while having Autumn wind howling outside!!!

May your Sword Stay Sharp,


Gae said...

Dear Saxon,
I adore Autumn the season, as well as your sister, and I think it builds character fo you
Love Mummy

JT said...

Actually, Spring where I live is pretty frustrating itself. Our weather can change drastically within three hours. Just three days ago six inches of snow fell, and then melted away. And it gets awfully windy here, too. We're not all enjoying Spring.