Sunday, January 30, 2011

Rambo: First Blood

Starting round 1:30 A.M., Me, Kynan, Autumn, and Braedon watched First Blood. And it was GREAT!!!
This guy defeats 6 police armed with guns by simply using just a gun, a knife and sheer cunning and strength!!

Who is Rambo? Well, he is one of an elite group that fought in Vietnam during the Vietnam War. 7 years after the U.S. pulled out of Vietnam John Rambo is searching for his former comrade in arms only to find that he died of cancer and that he is now the last of his unit.
Later, laden with grief Rambo walks through the small town of Hope and is picked up by the local sheriff, mistaken for a drifter.At the police station he is mistreated by the men there and eventually breaks out, defeating all the officers at the station using no weapons. He is then pursued in the forest where a skirmish with 6 cops that he defeats using booby traps and his guerrilla warfare experience causes 200 of the National Guard to be called out and thus begins an epic fight for survival.

After finishing the movie at 3:00 AM (very late) I then sleep walked off to bed while Kynan and Braedon (if your wondering they are night owls and love staying up till crazy hours) had this sudden thought: Why not watch another movie!?!?!?  They then started some movie called  Fight Club . And I estimate that my two older brothers didn't make it to bed till 6:00 A.M.!!!

May your Sword Stay Sharp,


Vellvin said...

I went to bed at a good hour *smirk* and i watched something which was far more awesome!!

Autumn said...

You and I be smart. We watch thjings at resonable hours.
~ Autumn