Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Vellvin!!!

Happy 12th Birthday Vellvin!!

I hope you liked all your presents, very cool presents,  even though your new Camp Rock 2 soundtrack is getting a bit repetitive. Okay, a lot repetitive.
And yes your new Taylor swift CD is pretty good too.

And I will eventually read your Squires Tails- sorry just kidding- Squires Tales books. Mostly just because of the cool covers :)
Also are you going to share some of those chocolate coins with me?

And all your other presents are awesome.

Don't forget who's birthday is next: Mine!!!!!
So, yet again: Happy Birthday VELLVIN!!!

Happy Birthday love,


Vellvin said...

tHANKS SAXon ☺☺☺☺
I haven't forgotten your is next.
So! you admit they look cool. Which one has the coolest cover do you think?
Love you,

Saxon said...

They are still NOWHERE NEAR as cool as Rangers Apprentice, LOTR, and The Inheritance Cycle!!!!