Saturday, November 27, 2010

Prince of Persia.

Last night I watched Prince of Persia with Mum and some of my siblings. And it was AWESOME!!! (if slightly mind-boggling).
The main character, who's name is Dastan, is VERY athletic and fit to do all the flips, jumps, leaps and other cool stuff he does.
Me and Vellvin especially liked the guy (cant remember the name) who is the leader/boss of the people in The Valley of Slaves. He was sooo funny, and you find out he doesn't lead a band of cutthroats but just lives in the Valley of Slaves to avoid that dreaded thing called TAXES.

One of the best scenes is where Dastan is scaling a wall with his small band of men and climbs up using just a poll, crossbows and arrows.

All in all it was a really good movie.

May your Sword Stay Sharp,


Anna Maria said...

Happy Birthday Saxon. Was the Prince of Of Persia a birthday present? It looks fantastic! I have to watch it. That clip of the man climbing the wall using arrows was so cool! the archers must have been like the best. May your sword stay sharp.

Vellvin said...

Yes, well Dastan was really cool!!!
And the guy from the Valley of Slaves was very funny!!
"Did I tell you about the Ngbaka?"
"Yes." ☺


Gae said...

Dear SAxon,
I enjoyed watching it with you too
Love Mummy

Saxon said...

@Anna Maria, you HAVE to watch it!!! No, it wasn't a birthday present. We watched the night before my birthday.

@Yes Vellvin, you already told me about The Ngbaka.

@Speaking of movies, do you think we could watch The Lost Battalion or The Bourne Identity tonight Mum???

Una Mariah said...

What the heck was it rated!?

Saxon said...

Mariah, it was rated PG-13 for intense action and violence.