Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Back to school

Apart from doing a small Christmas study through advent, I have had about 2 months of school and know it is time to start again. This year will be a bit different from what we have done before as mummy has found a whole heap of different resources to work from, and it looks like this year will be enjoyable then last year.

I wrote this poem for mummy though she won’t know I even wrote such a thing till she reads this post.

Mummy had set up a schoolroom
on the table the books she had piled.
She was so terribly excited
today she would teach her own child.

At first she taught him easy things
like the ABC's
then moved on to harder things
like 18 x 43.

Everyday they both enjoyed it
the child and herself
and after many years of learning
those books were put on the shelf.

For her boy had learnt all he could
eaten all knowledge in reach
now his is married with kids
and to his children his wife does teach.

And whenever that wonderful mother
doesn’t feel happy or gay
all she needs is to remember
that wonderful happy first day.

An original poem by Saxon

May your Sword Stay Sharp,


Gae said...

Dear Saxon,
What a creative and talented boy you are.
Thank you so much.
Lots of Love Mummy XXXOOO

Saxon said...

Thanks Mummy.
Love Saxon

A Bit of the Blarney said...

I did so enjoy your poem. Thank you! Cathy