Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Great Escape

A couple of nights ago Kynan,Breadon,Autumn,Eden,Vellvin,Rogan, and me watched the great Escape.Its a true story set in the 2ND world war and the German's have spent lots of time guarding and recapturing escaped POW's, so they set up a special prison camp for the main 250 people who keep trying to escape.When the prisoners get taken their, on their first 20 minutes there is already 3 different escapes being attempted, but because this camp is a lot more thorough and more well organized none succeed.
But the Germans made a mistake: they have all the best planners and tunnelers all together so its no surprise that on day 2 the prisoners are planning another escape.The planner,Roger,also known as Big X decides that they will plan a mass escape, all 250 escape, not only because they just want to get out but because with such a major escape the Germans will have 1000's of men looking for them when they could be on the fronts fighting.So soon they have Danny and Willie, the tunnel kings working on 3 different tunnels at once while Hendley the Scrounger is sneaking metal for tunneling tools and even maneges to get a camera from one of the gullible guards , Colin is forging fake documents, Louis the only Australian in the whole camp the is busy making tools, such as picks for digging and bellows for pumping air into the tunnels,Eric devices a method of hiding bags in the prisoners' trousers and spreading the dirt from the tunnels over the prison camp, literally under the guards' noses,Lieutenant Cavendish is in charge of the prisoners who sing to cover the noise of digging, then there is Hilts " The Cooler King," who irritates the guards with frequent escape attempts and so spend most of his time in the cooler.So with all the experts in escaping in a couple of weeks they are ready to break out, and no I am NOT going to tell what happens past that.

Roger the planner.

Louis the manufacturer.

Hilts the cooler king

Hendley and Colin.

May your Sword Stay Sharp,


Gae said...

Dear Saxon,
This is a great narration of a great family film.I know you really enjoyed it and have had fun assigning characters to each family member.
Lots of Love Mummy

Saxon said...
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Saxon said...

Thank's Mummy!!
Love Saxon

Vellvin said...

I loved The Scrounger, The Cooler King, And the two Tunnel Kings!