Thursday, February 18, 2010

Plans for Lent

I have not been posting much as for the last 5 days most of us have been been sick, and I have spent most of my time doing...................well, not much. But now that we are all mostly better there will be more post's coming.
So, here is some plans for Lent the day before Ash Wednesday we had to think up a whole lot of sacrifices and things to do to make us closer to God to do during this time, some of them are: only having T.V. and movies on the weekends (that's annoying because the Winter Olympics are on.
Saying the Rosary daily.
Saying the Divine Mercy Chaplet and the Angeles daily.
Doing a huge house clean and I mean a HUGE house clean we have to clean all 579 square metres of it.
So that's our family Lent sacrifices and stuff for our family.

May your Sword Stay Sharp,

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