Monday, March 15, 2010

My three favorite saints


Out of all the saints I have heard of and read about my the favorite saints are Gerard Majella, John Vianney, and Pius X.
For my conformation which will probaly be sometime this year I am going to choose two out of the three saint to be my patron saints, it has taken a lot of thought on which two I will choose and I think I they will be Gerard Majella and John Vianney.
I like Gerard Majella because he was said to be never have committed a capital sin OR a venial one.Also he was always so faithful and had a great devotion to Our Lady Of Perpetual Help, and so many miracles happened around him.He also did LOADS of penances.
John Vianney is my one of my favorites because even though he had lots of rouble learning Latin he worked hard and eventually got ordained a priest after a lot of hard work.He brought back the thee inhabitants off the town of Ars back to God and is even known as 'The Cure Of Ars'. On some nights Satan would disturb him and keep him awake all night and destroy the items in his room but John Vianney would just say that Satan was being silly and acting like a child which REALLY annoyed Satan and kept away for a while. John Vianney was also a great confessor and people came from miles around to confess there sins to him.
Pius X is also one of my favorites because he was the pope who let children have Communion at an early age and when he was a kid he walked 6 kilometers to school every day with hiss shoes slung over his shoulder so that they would not be damaged as his family was not very rich. He also had 9 brothers and sisters.He also had a good sense of humor: one day when he was a bishop he came to visit his mother and she asked him how long he would be able to stay "why Mother" he said "I will be here for the rest of the month." Just then his mother looked at the calender: it was the 31st day of the month.He was also the only pope to be canonised since Pope Pius V(1566–72).He wanted to be pastor and was the only pope in the 20th century who gave Sunday sermons every week.

That is what I like about the 3 coolest saints ever

May your Sword Stay Sharp,

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John Vianny was awsome!!!!