Friday, March 5, 2010

A Very Good Movie

Last night we watched The Karate Kid.A few months ago Mummy got it from the video renal place as she remembered seeing it years ago, (we usually get a whole new lot from this place every week or so)we all really liked it, the only problem was Daddy wasn't there at the time and we plan to watch it with him this weekend.
Here is the plot to the first one: When Danial LeRuso moves to California with his Mother and one of the first people he meets is a elderly man who is an immigrant from Okinawa by the name of Mr. Miyagi who works in the Apartment which is Danial's new home as a handy man.And though he doe's not know it Mr. Miyagi is an expert at karate.

Danial's first day doesn't work out too well: when invited to a party suddenly a mob of teenagers turn up on motorbikes and they are led by Johnny Lawrence: a boy with a reputation for being a bully, along with his other buddies, and after trying too stop a fight Danial ends up on the beach beaten up by Johnny.
On Danial's first day at the new school he discovers that Johnny and his buddies go to the same school, then when he goes to check out a karate dojo he finds out that johnny goes there too trained by an ex- marine who thinks he is the coolest guy in the world by the name of John Kreese.
During the evenings and weekends he does things with Mr.Miyagi whom he has become Friends with.
Then one night the school is having a Halloween party and when Danial plays a trick on Johnny he finds himself running but gets grabbed by Johnny and his buddies just outside his apartment and starts to be beaten up until help suddenly arrives:Mr. Miyagi!! who defeats Johny and his buddies all with ease.
When the next day Mr. Miyagi goes with Danial to the karate dojo to ask the teacher to leave Danial alone, John agrees and orders his Johnny and his buddies to leave Danial alone but on one condition: that Danial enters the karate tournament witch is in 2 months time too settle3 things with johnny. MR.Miyagi agrees without Danial's say on the matter.
So begins a long lot of training with Mr. Miyagi,though MrMiyagi's way of training is a bit different then what Danial expected. After two months of hard training the tournament is here.
Slowly Danial climbs up the lists and eventually its Danial verses Johnny. After a long fight Danial's finally defeats johnny and the movie ends happily.

May your Sword Stay Sharp,

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